Race across Wyoming, Utah and Colorado to find dinosaur fossils before your opponents get there first. The competition is ruthless, so be prepared to defend your finds in a fist fight! Based on the real life "Bone Wars" between Othniel Charles Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope between 1877 and 1892.

The major challenge of this project was the enemy AI. In the end, time did not permit us to successfully implement the full enemy behavior we had in mind, but we chose to leave what we currently have in-game.


Programming: Billy Becker, Praxem

Gameplay Design: Billy Becker (lead), Praxem

Art Design:  Bryan Vause

Music/Sound Effects: Sera Jakob

Special thanks

Cedric Legentil - Historical Context 

Ciconia Studio - Free Double-Sided Shader 

Nicole Fally - "Rye" font 

Astigmatic - "Special Elite" font 

Kenney - Additional 2D and UI assets 

Brian Funk - 100-year-old piano VI

Eddie Blower, Bryan Vause - Harmonica samples

Please note

For best results, play browser version using Google Chrome.


Paleo Showdown (v0.2) - Win x64.zip 33 MB


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The playability is easy.  


Really easy to figure out, loved the silly graphics and creative gameplay! Awesome job!